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    The best way to get a feel for FigureOne is for us to give you a real-time demo: use this address for sales inquiries, or, if you prefer, just fill out the quick contact form to the right.  Please note your personal project role (editor, researcher, author, etc.) and your primary readers (college, K‑12, or other audience).  Publishers might include your active projects per year and any other useful information about your current workflow.

    Direct Support:
    Use this address for person-to-person support with login and project access issues (you can also open a live chat once you've logged into the system).

    Standard Mail:
    FigureOne, Inc.
    P. O. Box 20595
    New York, NY 10009

    Phone (sales and billing queries only, please — ask your account rep about 24/7 phone support):
    (866) 876-5417


    We aren't a stock photo agency... and we don't do photo research ourselves (anymore, that is).  As technology providers, we maintain strict vendor independence and are simply the web platform that helps photo research teams Get Books Done™.  On the other hand, our clients do typically have preferred image vendors — based on consistently high image quality, volume licensing agreements, or both.  Those vendors can be treated specially by the system, if you set it up that way.  And, of course, experienced publishers choose subject-matter experts to perform photo research.  But FigureOne itself sits away from those decisions.